Current Items in Lost and Found

Item Item Description Lost Date/Time
1 Engagement ring During a ride last night after the club, my fiancé and I got into an argument, girlfriend got out of the cab on MacLeod trail at some point. Boyfriend remained in the cab and got dropped off in cityscapes, Rose gold engagement ring was left in cab. The amount of the trip was $50.00 between 1:00 am-2:00 am! Please help me! 2017-10-14
2 Black wallet belonging to Dwight Mighton with Ontario Photo Identification card, Ontario Health Card and University of Lethbridge student ID. Oct 12, 2017 POS Purchase 046447 CALGARY UNITED CABS REF NUMBER: 35001001036 TOTAL: $10.00 Black wallet with Ontario Photo Identification card, Ontario Health Card and University of Lethbridge student ID. Card ending in 1255 and the trip was around 1:30am. I believe it fell out in the back seat. Thanks, Dwight 2017-10-12
3 Grey leather glove with knuckles Grey leather gloves with hard kevlar knuckles Brand name is "loaded" written in white Colours are various grays and black Visable wear and mending on fingertips Debit # 7809 2017-10-09
4 laptop bag / laptop 20$ on RBC debit card (xxxxx 5441) plus cash tip - 06/10/2017 / 0100 hrs - black messenger laptop bag in rear seat - laptop and papers. Please contact via email. Thank you, RJ 2017-10-06
5 iphone 6s plus iPhone 6s plus with a white case it was lost at around 10 at night we forgot it when it we were dropped off in discovery 2017-10-06
6 Grey laptop bag, with encrypted tablet style laptop, coil notebook, 2 rollerball pens in front left pocket of laptop case Paid cash. 2017-10-06
7 African passport I think i lost my green passport with my name and study permit in the back of one of ur cabs on Saturday night (between 10-12pm) 2017-09-30
8 Credit card container Brown leather on metal credit card holder with two credit cards, one debit card, drivers license and University of Calgary cards (with my name and photo). Payment of $17.05 made with debit card ending in 5857 (this card not in container) on Tuesday 3 October around 8.45pm. 2017-10-03
9 Navy trench coat and a colourful scarf Navy trench coat and a colourful scarf (black, pink, green and many other colours) lost in taxi on night of Fri Sep 29 (early morning Sat Sep 30) going from downtown (outside HBC downtown) to Marda Loop. 2017-09-30
10 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Phone in Black Case Paid by cash, took a cab from Hudsons Crowfoot to my house in Citadel, phone was dead. 2017-09-30
11 Large white cotton bag filled with clothes and small Wallet Left a large white cotton bag filled with clothes and a small flowered wallet with credit cards and ID inside when I took a cab home around 3 am on Sept 30th. 2017-09-30
12 Wallet Brown leather wallet/cardholder with etched patterns in the leather. 2017-09-27
13 Wallet I lost a brown/tan/Carmel coloured Ralph Lauren wallet with small gold studs and a wrist strap. It has a gold zipper. Alberta drivers license inside 2017-09-23
14 LG X POWER CELLULAR PHONE, BLUE CASE I paid by credit card, last 4 digits are 4197 the trip was around $195, It was left in the passenger's side door on September 17th approx. 2am I live in Ontario and will be leaving tomorrow. 2017-09-17
15 VIsa Grey/Silver Visa with my name on it - last 4 digits 0738. - trip Thursday Sept 14 at 11:15ish PM. 2017-09-14
16 Paul smith black wallet Black wallet with pinup girl inside. Has all cards, bc drivers license 2017-09-11
17 black fabric tote bag black fabric bag containing a black tank top and a black leather pouch. cab picked up on 17th ave sw and 7th st sw on friday sept 7 at approx. 3:45 am, and dropped off at 13th ave sw and 14th st sw shortly after 2017-09-08
18 Brown purse with a brown billabong wallet. It has my passport my son card and my birth certificate and cash... We paid with cash...we were dropped off a few houses down from my home in Bridlewood. I was sitting in the front seat where my bag was left. 2017-09-03
19 iPhone 7 White iPhone 7 with gold back. Has a brown leather case from apple on it. 2017-09-10
20 Blue wallet with credit cards TD Credit debit card ends with 9280 $19.80 is paid excluding tips($23.00 including tips). I am pretty sure my wallet was dropped under the front seat and the driver will not find out unless he cleans his car. Please give a phone call or number of the driver.. I need the wallet right now I beg 2017-09-11
21 Brown and tan Michael kors wallet with gold plate in front. Liscense inside Brown and tan Michael kors wallet with gold plate in front. Id inside 2017-09-09
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