Current Items in Lost and Found

Item Item Description Lost Date/Time
1 brown wallet with TD debit card, driver's license Big Starr Restaurant 3:00 a.m. January 1st 2018 2018-01-01
2 Iphone 7 (black otter box case) Screen locked. Might be in a black jacket. Paid by Visa 2018-01-01
3 House Keys House keys with blue fob (2 keys... one regular key and one smaller key and blue disk fob). Would have been lost in the backseat. Paid with MasterCard ending in 0260 2017-12-18
4 Black/grey wallet with anchors. Black and grey pinstriped wallet with anchors across it. An expired ID under my name with the address being in Glamorgan. A number of loyalty cards and two bank cards. Paid cash. 2017-12-15
5 Samsung Galaxy S8 Dec 1, 2017 hailed cab at Hudsons Downtown and dropped off in Hawkwood. Samsung Galxy S8 with silver case. Paid cash 2017-12-01
6 Black Iphone 4s with family photos covering. It's a black Iphone 4s with family pictures covering. Paid with a master credit card ending in 9012 date 12/09/17 at 1:19:01 for $24.85. Information on the receipt is: UI# A034 Batch # 021 Ref# 00000035. I was picked up around 1:00 and drop-off at 1:19. 2017-12-09
7 Samsung Galaxy S8, black with black Otterbox case My cell was in an outer pocket on my backback which was placed in the trunk of the cab. I believe it fell out in the trunk as it was missing when I tried to use it after going through airport security. Phone is password protected. Paid with Mastercard, last 4 digits are 2806 2017-11-30
8 Black Duffel Bag Black MEC duffel bag with a pair of grey boots, a black dress, a black scarf, a black mesh bag containing pens, lip gloss, and bottle openers, a pair of black mittens, a serving pouch. I payed with my Mastercard ending in 2865 the trip cost $22.85 I paid at 9:39 pm 2017-12-01
9 iPhone: black in burgandy/gold bumper. If plugged will display 587-438-5505 Trip finished 01:23 at Hamlet. Receipt shows UI#029 2017-12-02
10 small, no-fold wallet with a HiFi sticker on one side Small, no-fold wallet with a HiFi sticker on one side. Brown in color with both sides having a transparent cover, so you can show ID without taking out of the wallet. Should contain my ID, my Credit Card, as well as some cash. 2017-11-18
11 i phone 5s black rubber covering i phone 5 s black rubber covering 2017-11-20
12 Iphone Gold Iphone in a gold case. Iphone number is 3065339653. 2017-11-19
13 Drivers license 5662, 30$, Friday November 17th, approximately 2:30 am. Not sure if I did really leave it here-just want to make sure. Thanks! 2017-11-17
14 iPhone in gold case Lost in back seat around 11:00 pm 2017-11-17
15 Keys on a ring with long brown leather strap. Debit card, about 2am Friday night. 2017-11-11
16 Iphone 6 iphone 6 with clear case, and pink flowers on the back, 2 dogs fighting for screen saver if charged 2017-11-12
17 Iphone 6 Iphone 6 with clear case, flowers on the case, pink flowers, if charges it has a photo of 2 dogs fighting 2017-11-11
18 Black Binder/Clipboard - University of Alberta on the front Black Binder/Clipboard - University of Alberta on the front 2017-11-10
19 Phone Black Samsung galaxy phone. Cracked screen. Home screen is a picture of a guitar. Trip was taken on November 11th around 2:30-3am. Hailed cab outside of McDonald’s on 17th ave close to 14th street sw. last 4 digits of debit card used was 3007. Total spent including tip was $7.45. 2017-11-11
20 Red wings jersey and American Express card American Express card ending in 6000 with the name Zack Taylor on it. 2017-11-09
21 Wallet Black wallet, ID Ryan Mckenzie, Health card, mastercard, hudson's family card 2017-11-07
22 BURTON Womans Ski JAcket and SAMSUNG S8 CELL PHone Olive Green womans Burton Ski Jacket with BLACK Samsung S8 Phone in case in the pocket - phone had ear bud headphones plugged into it 2017-11-03
23 Black Samsung Phone (no case) Black Samsung phone no case. singular crack lengthwise down center of screen 2017-11-03
24 Navy blue large wallet Navy blue large with anchors woman’s wallet with ID and bank cards under the above name lost early morning of November 5. 2017-11-05
25 Black Wallet Mens Black wallet, Had ID card with Kenneth Kelly on name. 700$ in cash and Health card again with same name. Card payment - #1268-1 5:15 pick up downtown core 5:35pm drop off 1810 34th st se 2017-10-06
26 Wallet Black and white guess wallet lost. I'd card visa debit etc. 2017-10-30
27 Rose Gold IPhone 7 Around 2 am 2017-10-31
28 Just lost keys a month ago Keys 4 of then on a rope 2017-11-01
29 LG G3 Smartphone My LG G3 smartphone must have slipped out of my pocket in the cab. The phone is was recently reset unlocked and does not have a sim card. It has a black semi transparent case on the back. Recovery would be greatly appreciated. 2017-10-22
30 IPhone 7 black, in clear case with flowers, my gym pass was in between the case and the phone with my name on it. I called my husband to come pay for the cab and left my phone on the back seat. Black I phone 7 with clear case and flower on it. 2017-10-28
31 Samsung Galaxy S8 Black with slim case Phone left in cab. Samsung Galaxy S8 black with thin black case. Tracked phone to Acadia and Anderson and then was turned off. 2017-10-29
32 black lululemon duffle bag Black lululemon duffle bag / overnight bag. Contains my very expensive electric toothbrush ($200) and all my M.A.C makeup and brushes (upwards of 2,000 value). I would be very appreciative if it was turned in. Thank you. 2017-10-29
33 Lunchbox 0783 last 4digits of my number $15 november 27 2017 2017-10-27
34 Black wallet On Oct 17 I had a cab take to the above address at 2:48 am. I believe a must of dropped the wallet on the back seat as I was getting out of cab. It is a well used black wallet. Inside on the right side is my driver licence and on other are three cards a Visa Mastercard and Scotiacard. 2017-10-17
35 iPhone 7 in baby blue Auxiliary phone case 12am 2017-10-21
36 Leopard print wristlet Leopard print wristlet lost - inside there is a posi card, proserve card & cash. 2017-10-16
37 card holder containing my ID, healthcard, and BMO debit card Michael Kors card holder containing my Saskatchewan ID, healthcard, and BMO debit card 2017-10-14
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