Order a taxi cab in Metro Calgary area from “Calgary United Cabs” using your Android device – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!! Fast, convenient, and easy to use. Taxi service is available in following areas: Calgary, and the Calgary International Airport. Use a map to select your pick-up location, and track the location of your taxi. Receive notification alerts about the status of your booking, and when your taxi arrives.

Calgary United Cabs Booking

  • Request a taxi cab right now.
  • Select a future date and time for pick-up.
  • Send the taxi to your current GPS position.
  • Tap a location on a map, or type in a pick-up address.
  • Save a pick-up address for future bookings.
  • confirmation lets when booking request accepted.
  • Push notifications alert you when cab is on the way.

Calgary United Cabs Tracking

  • Display the current location of your taxi on a map.
  • Cancel a booking.
  • Display previous bookings with your mobile device.
  • Tap a button to make a phone call to our cab